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DOOM Videos, Pictures and News

Looking for regular update on DOOM look no further than www.doom.jotti.net/ my wee sub domain all for DOOM news and stuff. Starting with plenty of E3 coverage with videos and some 4K screenshots, updated news and pictures. Cant wait for this one especially Snapmap, just hope there is more to it than the videos suggest.


The Emperor 200: The Ultimate Workstation

Emperor 200


The Emperor 200

If you have the money lying around, say about $49000 then this might be the workstation the Emperor 200 could be for you. I would personally consider this excessive but you know if I had the money I would be hard pressed to pass up on one. It’s the kind of equipment that you would find in a sci-fi movie, the hard part would be getting a room to that wouldn’t look out-of-place with this in it.

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Beyond Two Souls 30 mins of demo footage

Beyond Two Souls

Watch 30 mins of Beyond Two Souls footage

Beyond Two Souls is a new game from developer Quantic Dream, the same guys behind the PS3 tech demos and the game Heavy Rain. The new game has enlisted actors Ellen Page(X-Men: The Last Stand), Willem Dafoe(Spider-Man), Kadeem Hardison(White Men Can’t Jump), and Eric Winter(Day of our Lives) for the main characters in the game, so expect a high quality of performances throughout.

Also of note is that one of the composers working with the team is Hans Zimmer, and if that name is familiar it should be, he wrote scores for the like of The Lion King,  Gladiator, The Last Samurai, The Dark Knight and Inception.

The game is touted as a psychological, spiritual and thriller game and is to be released 11th October exclusively for the PS3.



Top Gadgets and Cool Stuff List #1

Gadgets List


Below is a list of the coolest gadgets and other stuff that you would not normally see in the shops. It ranges from the very expensive space flights to the very cheap novelty push-pins for notice boards. This is list number one, check back often as other lists should materialise in the near future.

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