PS4 Upgrade options specified by Sony

PS4 Upgrade

PS4 Upgrade service

Sony has now stated in their blog how the PS4 upgrade service for the crossover from current to next gen will work. Allowing buyers to trade in a select range of games with a small fee for the next gen version of the game.

How this offer works

  • Insert PS3 disc into PS4 for activation
  • Pay $9.99
  • Download the digital PS4 version

Current games the offer works with

  • Call of Duty Ghosts – untill March 31st 2014
  • Watch Dogs – untill January 31st 2014
  • Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag – untill January 31st 2014
  • Battlefield 4 – untill March 38th 2014

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Playstation 4 tech demo released at E3 2013

PS4 tech demo

PlayStation 4 – The Dark Sorcerer

Check out this new video from E3, it displays a tech demo for the PlayStation 4 called the The Dark Sorcerer. It is produced by the developer behind Heavy Rain known as Quantic Dream. You may notice in this video it is the same man who was featured in a previous video, which is displayed below should you need a reminder. In this new video it has the old man in the guise of an actor trying to be an all and powerful Sorcerer, it however as you can imagine, does not go to plan.

Quite entertaining and a great way to showcase the upcoming next-gen technologies. If PlayStation 4 games can look this good during actual game play we are in for a treat and as long as the games are as fun as the graphics are good, we are in for a major treat. Time will tell, but I for one am getting quite excited and will be keeping an eye on these developments.

Previous video

This video is just the man’s head but it is a great close up display on what can be achieve with facial emotions. It is actually amazing how they can make the head seem like a real person, the effect is quite unreal.

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