Steam continues to grow while PC sales drop


Steam still growing

The lead man at Steam, Gabe Newell while at Linuxcon made a statement in relation to the PC market stating that there will be “significant restructurings, or market exits” and this was in relation to the current top companies.

He goes on to say that PC games are largely immune to these declines.

“So despite the huge declines in PC sales, on the gaming side there’s growth. Steam is going up 76 per cent year-on-year while PCs are going through double-digit declines.”

“There were these new platforms that started to emerge, and they had this nice characteristic that [they] could control access to those platforms. If you didn’t like competing with Google, you just didn’t let them ship on your device, or you could determine how often they update. You could have control on things like pricing, and that was a very seductive opportunity which led to some poor decisions by the key players in the PC space.”

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